Google Photos starts receiving Suggested Actions update


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ack at Google I/O 2018, the company’s annual developers’ conference CEO Sundar Pichai had made several announcements about all the features that will soon arrive on various Google platforms. And now the company has started delivering what it promised.

Google Photos is reportedly getting the feature called Suggested Actions, using which users can manage their images better. This feature makes recommendations to the user in different scenarios such as adjust brightness, rotate images, and archive screenshots. These suggestions appear automatically.
“These suggested actions are powered by machine learning, which means you only see them on relevant photos. You can easily tap the suggestions to complete the action,” adds the blog post.

Besides this, Google Photos is also set to get an additional feature by which the AI will be able to detect the subject of the photo and leave them in colour — including their clothing and whatever they’re holding — while the background gets changed to black and white. This will appear in AI-powered creations in the Assistant tab of Google Photos.

Finally, Google also announced that it is launching a new Google Photos partner program that gives developers the tools to support Google Photos in their products, so people can choose to access their photos whenever they want.

While the Suggested Actions has already started appearing, there are no reports of any new developments on the other two announcements.

One of the major highlights of Google I/O 2018 was Google Assistant’s ability to make natural conversations over the phone through Assistant, this technology is called Google Duplex and is “directed towards completing specific tasks, such as scheduling certain types of appointments.” Also, Google’s digital assistant has also starting receiving the six new voices. These voices are aimed to sound more natural and will include pauses that convey meaning, said Google at the time of the I/O 2018.

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